Scored Levels

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Scored Levels are "puzzles" for players to try their hand at. Tracks, Signals, and Contracts are set in stone, and you must make sure trains keep to their timetable as best you can.

Want to play some community levels? Find them on the Discord or in the Curated List!

Scoring System[edit | edit source]

When a train makes it to a station, it will give the player up to 10 points. If the train arrives late, the game will penalize you two points for each minute of delay. If the train is on a wrong platform, it will penalize you one point. It is very easy to get zero points from a train if you're not careful.

Once the last train exits the map, the game will display how many points you got from trains, and then a time bonus. The time bonus is dependent on how fast you finished the level - if you speed up time, it'll count towards the score! The faster you finish, the better off you are.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Players can edit train timetables.
  • Players can convert manual signals to auto signals.
  • Players can buy station automation.
  • Players can turn on auto-accept.

These bugs will be patched once scored levels get access to research.