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Timetable Maps[]

Timetable maps are single run scenarios where players can try their hand as signalling and pathing the sequence of trains through a timetable made by someone else.

Tracks, Signals, and Contracts are set in stone, and you must make sure trains keep to their timetable as best you can. You can read more Here.

You can play some community-made levels by finding them in the Discord or in the Steam Workshop.

Freeplay levels[]

Freeplay Levels are levels where the player has the power to build as they see fit, and has complete control over the contracts they manage.

Instead of getting points, players get green or red point for successfully completing a train's journey, as well as money based on how fast they did this. Both points and money are penalised for delays!

Points can be spent on researching upgrades including auto signals, sensors, contract changes and more. You can learn more about them Here.

Money gets you more and better track, more stations and more places to run and stop trains.

Level editor[]

The Level Editor allows players to design their own scored levels or freeplay maps with a plethora of tools to refine your creations.