Electrification (concept)

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Please note this article is a community suggestion. Everything in this article is unofficial speculation and brainstorming by the community instead of in-game content.

Electrification[edit | edit source]

The first mock-up example of electrification. Yellow is Third Rail and Blue is Overhead Wires.

Railroad electrification is common in high-speed or high-density routes all over the world. The train's locomotive doesn't generate electricity itself, but instead uses overhead wires or a third rail to get power to its motors.

A more simplified version of overhead wires, and a more widely accepted concept art for third-rail electrification.

In-game, ideas for both Third Rail and Overhead Wire electrification graphics (and mechanics) have been brought to light. While unlikely to be added in the near future, Electrification may be added to the game eventually, as it is currently on the Trello Road Map.

Potential Usage[edit | edit source]

Scored Levels[edit | edit source]

Electrification would allow for an interesting restriction on puzzle levels, as trains which are electrified cannot leave their designated tracks. This can allow level creators to have more fine control over where trains go and add another level of depth/realism to their levels.

Freeplay[edit | edit source]

Electrification could have an interesting effect on freeplay if it had a benefit or trade-off of some sort. So far, there is only one proposal for how to handle it:

  • Overhead Wires would let trains accelerate and brake faster than normal
  • Third Rail would make trains longer but give you more money per contract

At this time, there are no other proposals on how to make electrification beneficial to freeplay.